E Cigarette Starter Kit

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E-cigs are quickly becoming the in thing. However, a lot of people are finding it quite challenging to be able to find the right fit that would make their transition worthwhile. While the e cigarette starter kits are a great place to start, there is more that you have to consider other than jumping on any starter kit that you find. To begin with, you should know that there are a number of different types of starter kits that might suit different tastes and needs and knowing which they are and what they have to offer can improve your chances at making your introduction in to the world of e-cigs a more memorable affair.



The first step to making the right decision on which starter kit will be best suited for you is by asking yourself a couple of questions. This is so that you understand the ground that you stand on as well your needs. Questions like how often you smoke, what accessories you will need to make your experience pleasant, your budget, whether you would like something portable and the number of batteries that you would need are all very important in allowing you make the most informed decision as to which starter kit would be ideal for you.

Once you have gotten over that, you can then go ahead to look at the different types of starter kits and be in a better position to choose one that is ideal for you.

The Basic E Cig Starter Kit

This is the simplest e-cigarette starter kit that you can get with any brand. Even though it is very simple, it offers quite the experience and especially for newbies. In its price friendly packaging, you will be able to get everything in your introduction from the cigarettes themselves a user’s manual as well as the vapour. It is the best kind of kit for those who are not really sure if they would like to switch to vaping and are only looking to try their hand at it. It is cheap and comes in handy without the strong flavours to allow you settle in slowly and build your way up.


The Pro Ecig Kit

This takes it a notch higher allowing for longer vaping hours and stronger flavours. It offers a wide variety and flexibility since it tries to transcend the worlds of newbies as well as those who have grown to love vaping but would like to try their hand at something new. This also comes with all the tools and equipment that you will need to get started in your vaping journey.

The Ultimate Starter Kit

In most cases, a user will get virtually any gadget that a vapour smoker would want and is the ideal solution for those who are looking to start their vaping experience with a bang. It might come with multiple batteries depending on your brand of choice as well as several cartridges and a USB charger in the least. The ultimate starter kit is ideal for those that have considered vaping heavily and would like to get a conclusive and comprehensive experience of what has to be offered and also for those that have considerable experience in vaping but are looking for a new experience. It is the ideal kit for those that are looking to start off with all the bells and whistles of vaping in their entirety.


The Couples’s Kit

This is a relatively new entrant into the market after it was noted that it was not only men that were interested in vaping. With the couples’ combo, you are able to share your vaping experience with someone special in your life. However, this is not only limited to a couple, you can even get this kind of kit with a friend especially when you are looking to save some money and still help a friend who would like to join in the fun. Just as the name suggests, most brands that offer this kind of kit will usually package everything in pairs.

The Express Kit

This is the perfect kit for those that are on a shoe string budget but would still like a kit that is convenient, compact and offers portability. It might not be the cheapest option but in most cases, most brands will have this as their most low priced kit. It is the ideal e cigarette starter kit for those that are looking for this experience on the go.

It is worth noting that most brands might have different names for their starter kits but one thing that you can rest assured off is the fact that regardless of the name, they will fall in either one of these categories of starter kits.


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